WHY CHOOSE iRx Clinics?

The absence of accurate, complete and comprehensive data in healthcare is a problem that requires immediate redress in an emerging superpower like India. While there have been attempts to address this before the solutions have been left wanting.

Conventional solutions for clinical documentation and Electronic Medical Records (EMRs) necessitate peering at a computer screen and monitor while entering records. For the patient, a doctor who does not look at her or him is an inattentive doctor with other priorities. The patient interprets this as a lack of trust, empathy and concern in the brief interaction.

But a doctor’s primary responsibility is taking care of the patient, and not getting bogged down with concerns of digitizing patient records. Trata E Systems has invested heavily in developing intuitive patented technologies and coming up with a revolutionary product. Doctors can now continue writing on a paper pad just like before, while data is automatically digitized in real time, in the background. This friendly yet revolutionary technology is called iRx Clinic and is poised to change the way healthcare functions in India.

We understand that the traditional way of writing prescriptions is a trusted and time-honoured method.

We know that doctors love writing and that they would love to continue writing unhindered. After having extensive discussions with thousands of doctors, we have summarised most of the primary clinic management needs of the doctor fraternity:

  • Doctors need a process that consumes minimum time and gives them maximum time with their patients.
  • Doctors would appreciate a process that lets them keep records in an organised and accessible manner.
  • Doctors require a robust digital storage system that keeps their  records in a highly secure manner, and yet lets them exercise complete control over those records.
  • Doctors need a solution that further adds to the warmth, ease and efficiency of the doctor-patient interaction.
  • Doctors would also appreciate a system that takes care of their medico-legal compliance.

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about us

The iRx clinic management suite is yet another disruptive technological breakthrough from Trata E Systems. The Trata
group has developed deep expertise in data warehousing and analytics, besides developing disruptive technological
solutions in pharma, retail and banking.

Executive board

Rajesh Pandya

Founder and Director

Experience of more than 23 years in providing Technology Solutions to BFSI customers .Industries served are Banking and Financial Services.

N Shridhar


Mr. Shridhar is currently the Managing Director of Pegasus FinInvest Advisory Pvt Ltd.

Ritwik Bhatnagar


He has been into building new products and business lines, establishing and growing them. He has been a part of Pharmaceutical and Medical Communication Industry.


Chetan B

Chetan is contributing to Team Building, Operation, Customer Support, Process Management

Amol Bhanushali

Amol looks after Product and Release Management.

Ashwin Mange

Ashwin is heading Core Technology part and manages entire Product Development.

Advisory Board

Suhas Tuljapurkar

He is a legal professional with 37 years of experience and Managing Partner of Legasis Partners, a law firm having offices in Mumbai, Pune, Delhi and Hyderabad.

Bala Palamadai

Operating Partner

An entrepreneur and Co-Founder of Pegasus FinInvest.

Prakash Ranjalkar

26 years of operational experience and board level exposure in world class companies based out of India and Africa.


Girish Rao

Mr. Girish is currently the Cheif Digital Transformation Officer of the retail major Future Group.

irx Clinic Features

iRx unravelled

We are proud to unravel a modern-day masterpiece in front of your eyes! A masterpiece designed to be your intuitive, immediate and intelligent healthcare partner. Presenting, iRx - an integrated, world-class clinic management suite.

iRx Clinic Suite Contents

  • A classic pen which looks, feels and writes like a typical pen but is actually a smart pen in disguise.
  • A smart prescription pad of natural paper, with a format that doctors prefer. It contains a patented technology that is one of the most disruptive healthcare technologies ever.
  • A tablet preloaded with the comprehensive iRx clinic management suite that helps doctors smoothly manage their clinic by capturing their prescriptions, appointments, examinations, diagnoses, referrals and more, in a secure and encrypted manner.
  • An additional log-in option which works on a range of smart devices.

The iRx 5D Smart Prescription Paper

The iRx 5D smart prescription paper is based on the cutting-edge DWE (Digital Writing Exchange), and is embedded with patented technologies. All functions can be activated with the single touch of a pen on the corresponding symbol:

The data capturing function helps you manage your clinic by capturing the entire prescription and also capture essential data such as appointments, symptoms, treatment, services and others.

The audio recording function helps you to record your audio instructions during consultation, and helps the patient understand the prescription and dosage too. It can also protect you from potential medico-legal problems.

The image capturing function helps you to record the patient’s condition, upload records (pathological reports, scans, etc.) and monitor improvement. It also tags those records with the patient's prescription.

The video recording function helps you to record the consultation, patient experience and expectations, and the patient's reviews of their experience with you.

Patient education function helps you to explain medical conditions and treatment procedures to the patient in a crisp and elaborate manner. It uses validated, scientific content in different formats such as images, videos, PDFs, etc.

Patient Benefits

The clinic management suite enhances the doctor - patient experience, and fulfils the patient’s expectations in many ways.

  • Patients get to view and save their prescriptions.
  • he televideo facility gives patients the option of consulting the doctor, from their homes or elsewhere.
  • Medical profiling helps the doctor with recommending specialized services needs like health management programs, checkups, camps, and others.
  • Treatment profiling helps the doctor with patient history and future treatment.
  • Patients also get enhanced services from qualified service providers. They get welcome relief in the form of prompt and efficient services from chemists, pathology labs, diagnostic centres, nutritionists, yoga centres, physiotherapists, etc.
  • Patient communication helps the doctor to get in touch with patients, based on their personal and medical profiling, for events, health tips, greetings, mailers, etc.

Appointment Booking

A versatile and efficient appointment management system helps the doctor streamline their clinical workflow

Appointment booking via the patented 5D prescription paper.

Appointment tracking via the patented 5D prescription paper.

Data Security

    Data Storage

  • iRx Clinic Suite completely stores master data in the doctor’s iRx tablet in a highly secure and encrypted manner, with 4-layered data security. In addition to it being backed up on a secure cloud server.
  • Data Access

  • Only the permitted and registered users such as clinical staff, patients, service providers can access the 4 layer data via OTP verification sent on their registered mobile number.

Other Advantages

Interactive online platform The iRx clinic management system facilitates attendance of CME conferences virtually, discussions with the Health Advisory Council, peer-to-peer interactions, webinars, training programs, medico-legal counsel, etc.

Prescription management system The state-of-the-art prescription management system helps the doctor to mention the dosage, frequency, and specify the valid period of their prescription. It also helps the patient with pill and health-checkup reminders.

Partner management system This allows the doctor to configure a panel of certified, experienced and quality service providers. These services include chemists, pathology labs, diagnostic centres, nutritionists, yoga centres, physiotherapists, etc.

Reporting systems The iRx clinic management suite is API ready and aids the doctor’s compliance reporting to government bodies, councils, etc. All this with just a touch of their pen on the smart prescription paper.

Payment method The integrated payment system enables acceptance of payments from various channels.

Data analytics The iRx clinic management suite can provide ready-to-consume reports from the structured data captured from the prescription paper. It also helps the doctor to analyse practice trends. The doctor can also slice and dice critical metrics like age, gender, personal profile, medical profile, medication, symptoms, frequency of appointments, etc.

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